Commercial Mediation

In the SME world disputes between Business and Customer or Business and Supplier can all too often result in Litigation and create a blame culture.

Common sense goes out the window, with aggrieved parties hoping for rich rewards, sometimes on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. A sad fact of life, however, is in too many legal battles, there is no clear ‘winner’, with cases taking months or even years and even regardless of the outcome in court you will never recover the vast amounts of time you have invested in dealing with the litigation and in too many cases the emotional impact leaves lasting scars.

These days, it is common place to explore mediation as a more cost effective, quicker, less painful method of resolving the dispute. Indeed, courts are very keen that the parties in dispute try mediation before the full-blown court process.

As an accredited Mediator my role is to work with both parties to get to a solution that they can both live with.

Using my vast experience in business management and accredited mediation training I will create an environment with a structured to enable both parties to without prejudice explore every aspect of the dispute and using my skills and experience facilitate a settlement that enables everyone to get back to their normal lives.

I will listen carefully to everything that is said and use this information to assist the participants to build towards a satisfactory resolution. I will not express any opinion or give advice. I will help participants to see all aspects of the dispute guide them towards the conclusion that a resolution reached by them is a better alternative than having protracted litigation with all the inherent costs and concerns.